Health Education


Condom Man Campaign

Connect with Condom Man on FacebookThe Condom Man Campaign focuses on educating teens on the risks of unprotected sex and the importance of getting tested, shedding light on the misconceptions associated with STD transmission, and providing tools to help teens deal with real-life situations. The Condom Man Campaign strives to motivate positive sexual behaviors amongst teens, encourages teens to be smart and responsible about sex, and promotes safer sex practices.

Some of our activities include:

  • "The Adventures of Condom Man" full-length plays
  • Annual "Don't Gamble Your Life" Teen Conference
  • Public school and college tours
  • Public service announcements (radio and TV)
  • Workshops to train community sexual health providers in theatrical presentation
  • Condom distribution
  • Appearances at community events

Additionally, the Campaign seeks to enhance relationships between sexual health providers and the teens they service. We’ve collaborated with organizations such as Planned Parenthood, and local organizations to demonstrating to community service providers the benefits of utilizing theatrical methods and techniques (i.e., acting, dancing, singing, and improvisation) to present their information.