Drama Workshop Series


Urban Arts Experience, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to educating individuals about the unique experience of urban communities through the theatrical and performing arts. Urban Arts Experience, Inc. is committed to providing diversity, awareness and prevention programming that promotes positive social change and cultural enlightenment, and encourage positive and healthy behaviors in urban communities.

Introduction to Theater

Introduction to Theater

This class is for the beginning actor and is centered around improvisation. Participants will be encouraged to create "fun" characters from their imaginations using costumes and props. Open ended improvisational scenes, acting exercises and theater games will focus on, playing the actor's objective, expressing emotion and solving conflicts. The participants will experience the "rehearsal process" and prepare scenes and short plays for performance. Beginning scene work, monologues and plays written for participants will be presented at the end of each semester for family and friends.

Intro to Theater is a six-week program with a final showcase starring the participants. During the six weeks, the participants will be introduced to theatrical arts, learn basic to intermediate acting skills, and learn the techniques for performing on stage.

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