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Spoken Roots

The original college tour production gets BETTER with every show! A compilation of our best skits from our many performances throughout the year. This production is filled with drama, comedy, diversity, and awareness!

Laughing Out Loud

A sketch comedy series that exposes the FUNNY in our everyday lives.  It is a comedy-packed show of HIGH-ENERGY and HILARIOUS performances. This show will have your college campus Laughing Out Loud!

The Adventures of Condom Man

“Wrap it of or die!” Condom Man, a comic-book superhero, brought to the stage to fight the Seductress and her gang of STDs. This is part of our ongoing safe sex initiative to shed light on the misconceptions of STD transmission, and provide tools for dealing with real-life situations.  Bring Condom Man to your campus for your Sexuality/Sexual Health event, or any event!

All My Black Children

A soap opera series brought to the stage filled with secrets, lies, scandals and plot twists, and revealing how reality often mirrors what we see on TV. Addresses relationships, racism, sexism, poverty, drug abuse, family feuds, gangs, violence, and more. Your campus will be sure to stay tuned!

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