Too Deep Entertainment is a multi-cultural performing arts group committed to empowering and educating the community, fostering social change, and positively influencing the knowledge, behaviors and attitudes of its audiences. We are a pioneering theater troupe that relies on live theater and dramatic arts techniques to convey significant messages. In doing so, we have maintained full commitment to our mission and motto, to "educate and empower through entertainment."

"The most powerful aspect of Too Deep Entertainment is that we create material based on the needs of your community, institution and/or business." - Mark Bobb-Semple

Since 1996, we have used the stage as our platform for launching relevant, interactive, and prevention and awareness programming aimed at educating and empowering our communities. We realized early on that the traditional methods of attempting to address the social ills plaguing the country's urban communities, particularly minority communities, were ineffective. The people living in these communities especially the youth, needed something more progressive; yet non-threatening, to help them navigate through the pitfalls of drug abuse, gun violence, STDs and HIV/AIDS, and issues related to personal and family relationships.

Too Deep Entertainment consists of a multi-talented cast of performers and writers who have allowed us to create elaborate productions tailored to fit every audience for whom we perform. Additionally, this has enabled us to tailor our productions to the venues in which we perform. For over a decade, Too Deep Entertainment has filled the seats of various venues; from intimate 200-seat community theatres to elegantly restored theatres with seating capacities of more than 2,500.

Our production catalog includes over 25 plays. These productions have been showcased at various educational institutions, organizations, and agencies. Since 2006, we've held productions at the Palace Theatre in Albany in celebration of Black History Month, and for several years we've been a highlight at the annual New York State Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday Memorial Observance. Our annual "Spoken Roots" College Tour has been viewed by co-eds on campuses at several universities and colleges, and with productions such as All My Black Children, Good Newz!?, Erika's Story, Circumstances, Urban Fairy Tales, Dance with Me, and 25 to Life, we address issues that face urban communities around the country. In addition, we have been able to transcend language barriers with our production of "Oye Loco," a play that focuses on Latino heritage.

Too Deep Entertainment offers a unique style by weaving acting, singing, dancing, spoken word, and improvisation, throughout its productions. The overall benefit of TDE productions is that we use entertainment to engage our audiences while educating them.